Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Tiny

Our downsizing into the tiniest one-bedroom imaginable will probably be remembered by me in the future as a time-warp in which my writing and general creativity simply floated in limbo. We are presently T-minus 5 days away from leaving our little dwelling of the past 6 months in favor of yet another tiny place, though this one boasts a few amenities that make it seem palatial in comparison--namely, an extra 8 or so square feet in the bedroom, and a tiny almost-bedroom for the wee bab to call his own when he graduates out of the co-sleeper bassinet. We will have FREE on-site washer/dryer shared with our downstairs duplex neighbors, basement storage priveleges, a garage, and a real life actual TUB in the bathroom, all for a little less rent than we paid in our previous two-bedroom, and this little spot also happens to be cute! The white trim on windowsills and white doors make the standard beige rental walls seem oh-so-much more visually appealing. And although the kitchen floor is drab grey linoleum, the rest of it is white, with two large, south-facing windows to bathe my kitchen plants with happy sunlight.

Although our move last October to a superlatively tiny apartment did contribute to my emotional/mental writing block, it gave me one huge benefit: making this next move into tininess feel more like an upgrade. After the past six months, I know we can live in and love tiny apartments for as long our finances require it.

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